What To Bring

What To Bring To Our Events

Make sure that your system is in working order before attending.

  • Confirmation email showing your payment confirmation
  • Signed Waiver (if you are under 18, your legal guardian needs to sign the waiver). View the waiver
  • A photo form of identification
  • Computer Tower (or notebook computer)
    • If your computer tower requires 2 power plugs for the power supply you must buy 2 regular seats or 1 premium seat
  • Monitor (Only 1 monitor allowed) - 30 inches or smaller
    • Premium seats are allowed to bring up to 2 monitors
  • Power cable for computer/monitor
  • An ethernet adaptor for your computer
    • Wi-Fi LAN access is not provided for attendees, though SLU Guest Wi-Fi is available for you to connect to the internet outside of the LAN
  • Headset
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse / Mouse Pad
  • Software (Games and Operating System)
  • Money (Entry fee, food, drinks, etc.)
  • Optional: Your favorite desk chair
  • Optional: Category 5e/6 Network Cable

What Not To Bring

  • A second monitor, unless you have purchased a premium seat
  • Speakers
  • Surge Protectors (we provide two, surge-protected outlets)
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms or other concealed weapons
  • Coolers. No coolers of any type are allowed

Power Restrictions

Regular seats are provided with two (2) 110V electric sockets for a combined current of 3.0 amps. If your computer needs more than 3.0A and/or a third power socket you are required to either buy 2 regular seats or 1 premium seat.

Anything beyond a computer and monitor has to be approved by the admins. We may check your computer’s power draw if there is a power issue on your circuit. We have a few spare circuits built into the plan to help alleviate issues. In the event issues keep occurring we may ask the participant to relocate seats or make changes to their system to reduce power draw. If a compromise cannot be reached we may ask the participant to leave the event.

Monitor Size Limit

While we do allow a lot of sizes, we would appreciate if you would limit it to 30 inches or less. You will be expected to work with us on space if we need it. If you feel you have an inability to compromise, we suggest you bring a smaller monitor or purchase a premium seat.

Headsets Required

You are NOT allowed bring your speakers, they take up too much space and make too much noise. Make sure you bring a headset with you!

System Checklist

The last thing you want to do at the LAN is spend your time troubleshooting your computer or downloading and installing games. We recommend reviewing this checklist prior to packing up your gear and heading to the LAN:

  1. Scan computer for Viruses. (You can get a free scan using Trendmicro Housecall before attending).
  2. Scan computer for Malware and Spyware (We recommend Malwarebytes).
  3. Scan your computer for rootkits. (Most virus scanners provide this functionality now but you may want to check out Webroot SecureAnywhere - AntiVirus for PC Gamers).
  4. Install all operating system updates. (Important! If you do not want to get a virus at the event).
  5. Install all games you wish to play.
  6. Patch all games you installed to their latest version (Including updating all Steam games).