Laclede's LAN Spring 2017 Recap

Huge thanks to all of you who participated in our tournaments at Laclede’s LAN Spring 2017! Here are our winners:

First off, Sofa King Awesome remains the team to beat in LL Counter-Strike: GO tournaments. They secured the win against Hello Kitty Krusaders in the finals, with We Suck at Dota close behind.

In our Dota 2 tournament, Thar She Blows fell into the “Losers’ Bracket” in Round 2 only to come back and eliminate Team Boo twice to secure the win. Just goes to show you that dropping into the lower bracket is no time to give up!

GeTSoME! Dubs beat out ten other teams to come out on top as our Rocket League 2v2 champs! However, in our 3v3 tournament, The Garbage Men were able to surpass them in the finals to become our 3v3 champions.

Finally, our Overwatch tournament grew to include four teams this time, and Fire at Will won 2-1 in the finals against a PUG team, the Randos! Pick-up groups are totally worth making, folks – one came close to winning this tournament!

We greatly appreciate the feedback we’ve received on our tournaments and will be working to tighten up schedules and tune them to perfection. If you know of a way to make our tournaments better, shoot us a message. We are constantly striving to improve and perfect the experience for our competitive players.

Start recruiting your teams and practicing now – we’ll see you at the next event!

Additional Winners

Minecraft Build Challenge

  • STArkarian, lionbattery, Kyronomix

Flash Tournaments

  • TowerFall: Enzo03
  • Tricky Towers : Paultox
  • Starwhal: Darthmeerkat
  • Super Pole Riders: Kyronomix
  • Final Round (Operation Board Game): Enzo03

Random Trophies

  • Most Steam Games Owned: Xaumby
  • Oldest Gamer: James from
  • Strength Challenge: KhaotiK