Jacksonville and Event Security

Laclede’s LAN Attendees and Community:

Everyone here at Laclede’s LAN wants to say that we are incredibly upset by the shooting in Jacksonville this past weekend. Clearly it is on a lot of your minds as well since a few of you have reached out with questions about security at Laclede’s LAN events.

Laclede’s LAN takes security at our events seriously. It’s one the many reasons we remain partnered with Saint Louis University. SLU monitors the campus at all times. SLU campus is patrolled 24/7 and they have live cameras everywhere. Every entrance/exit to the Busch Student Center has a camera on it with live video displayed in SLU’s security center. The Busch Student Center is close to SLU’s security center, so response times are fast. SLU maintains security officers in the Busch Student Center during daytime hours. In addition, Laclede’s LAN pays to keep an officer in the building during the overnight lockdown hours (Midnight to 7 AM). We will continue to work with our partners at SLU event services to make our events a safe and enjoyable experience.

Learn more about SLU Campus Safety.

We want to do anything in our power to make our attendees feel safe at any of our events. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to our staff. You can message us on Facebook, message the mods on our subreddit (/r/lacledeslan), message us on Twitter, or message a staff member directly on our Discord server.

A gofundme has been started to benefit victims of the Jacksonville shooting.


The Laclede’s LAN Staff