Browse the frequently asked questions below to learn more about our Kickstarter, LAN events, and more. Do you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ below? Send us an email and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Organization FAQs

What is Laclede’s LAN (LL)?

Laclede’s LAN was originally just a group of guys from the Saint Louis area that liked to dream about putting together a fifty-man LAN party instead of going to class. Over time, the small fifteen person events swelled into twenty, and then thirty, until they eventually grew larger than the dream itself. The staff grew too, as gamers grew interested in what Laclede’s LAN was trying to do and offered to help. It wasn’t long before Laclede’s LAN became the largest LAN in the Saint Louis area, offering the best tournaments, the best prizes, and the strongest sense of community and fun.

Laclede’s LAN is a community. Staff members may change, new games will come out, and computers will be rebuilt and replaced. But at its heart, Laclede’s LAN will always be the same: a group of people who love games enough to sacrifice an entire weekend, lug a fifty pound computer hundreds of miles, and subsist on caffeine and sugar alone. Laclede’s LAN is our tribute to everything that PC gaming can be.

What is Laclede’s LAN’s mission?

Our mission, as a LAN party group, is pretty simple. We want to create a PC gaming event good enough to draw gamers from all over the country. We want to point to that army of gamers to show sponsors that we’re worth their time and resources. And we want to combine all of it into something familiar to PC gaming, but also unique to us: a LAN party that everyone can enjoy, but only we could have created. So buy a ticket, grab your rig and come on in.

How did Laclede’s LAN get its name?

When we started putting together Laclede’s LAN, we wanted to establish ourselves as fundamentally different in terms of the way we viewed ourselves and the community. We didn’t want to paint ourselves as hardcore or extreme — we just liked having fun and thought the site should reflect that. At the time, every LAN website was black, army green, or gunmetal grey, so we chose a lighter color scheme with light blues and understated greys. Laclede’s Landing is a spot in downtown Saint Louis that honors the French fur trader Pierre Laclede, who started something simple that grew beyond anything he could have imagined — a trading post that turned into the biggest city in Missouri. So “Laclede’s LAN” is sort of a mission statement rolled into a play on words. We have high hopes for LL, but we won’t ever take it so seriously that we can’t have a bit of fun.

Event FAQs

What makes Laclede’s LAN different?

Everyone knows that gaming with friends is better than gaming alone. The laughs are louder, the competition more invigorating, and the victories so much sweeter. LAN parties are gaming with friends taken to the next level; we set aside entire days out of our schedules just to see how much fun we can possibly have in one sitting, and how many of our friends we can cram into a basement or a convention hall. At Laclede’s LAN, we want to throw LAN parties that are the absolute best they can be. We want to have a knowledgeable, friendly staff. We want to have tournaments that people love to compete in, and prizes worth fighting for. We want to have just enough of a sense of humor and adventure to try new things that haven’t been seen before, but just enough professionalism to get the job done right. We want to build a better LAN, and we need your help – not just for this first event, but for many events to come!

Can I help with the LAN?

Contact Dudsmack if you want to help – there are many ways to be involved, including setup and teardown at the event, server preparation, and adding website content, among others.

Why a LAN Party? Why not just play online?

There’s two main crowds at a LAN, and you could fit into either one or both at the same time:

  • Casual gamers: can enjoy our LAN as a PC gaming convention. We run plenty of non-tournament games and dedicated servers designed specifically to cater to the casual attendees. We make an effort to channel the casual players towards similar games with our Recommended Games List and our Flash Tournaments. If you get tired of playing the same stuff, you can spectate the competitive tournaments or head over to the Break Room/Console Corner, which is specifically provided for socializing and includes some console games to chill with, like Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Mario Kart 8. We have other activities to try to facilitate casual players meeting up.
  • Competitive gamers: will usually be focused on competing in our official tournaments. Meeting up with your team in real life and spending the day competing against other serious teams is an experience that’s hard to find anywhere other than a LAN or an eSports event. For this group, we offer a controlled environment where they can compete with minimal risk of cheating or lag. Better tick rates, private matchmaking, less downtime between matches — we do everything we can to make our tournaments smooth as butter and a blast to be a part of.

Why no console tournaments?

Our focus for our first event will be PC games only. We want to re-establish ourselves as a group that can produce a quality experience, and that means keeping our first event simple and manageable. However, we ultimately plan to expand in ways that serve our community and are willing to look into console tournaments in the future if we decide that Laclede’s LAN would benefit from their inclusion. If you would be interested in making this happen contact us.

Can I bring friends who play console games?

Laclede’s LAN is currently structured as a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) event. Although we try to offer other things to do on breaks, PC gaming is the focus and you won’t have as much to do if you didn’t bring a computer. Look at our Recommended Games page and install some or all of them. Come for the PC games, stay for the atmosphere!

When will the LANs be?

Our current goal is to have two charity events a year; we aim for a spring/fall schedule.

Are there people I can talk to about building a PC for the LAN?

Sure! Make a post in the Technology section of our forums – in addition to the staff, our community is full of DIY’ers that cobbled together their own gaming rigs and are full of useful information. Whether you’re a complete neophyte or just need people’s opinions on which video card is top-of-the-line right now, PC gamers can help!

What games do you play at Laclede’s LAN?

Technically, whatever you want! To keep things somewhat structured, though, we offer a certain set of dedicated servers for our Recommended Games, and will start Flash Tournaments at “random” times throughout the day (we choose times that are least disruptive to other events and tournaments) to get a lot of people into one game at the same time. Every LAN will also have competitive tournaments. The Recommended Games and Tournament Games will change by event and will always be listed in the Event Details.

What if my favorite game isn’t on the list?

  • You’re still welcome to come! There is, of course, the old-fashioned method of simply walking around and drumming up interest, but we’ll be taking some community feedback before the event and putting up public servers in the most requested games, as well as doing some basic matchmaking and player listing for others. So if you want to play Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball, bring your friends and we’ll match you up with any other players at the event!

Can my friends and I reserve table spots right next to each other?

Our larger events allow for teams and friends to be seated next to each other. Smaller events may or may not. The earlier you register, the better your chances of getting the seats you want!

What equipment will be provided?

  • One RJ45 (Ethernet) cable hooked into our switches with enough slack to get on top of the table.
  • Two power plugs. DO NOT BRING A POWER STRIP.
  • 2.66 feet of horizontal space at one of our tables.
  • One chair. We will use the chairs provided by the location. If you need to use a different chair, you may bring one, but you assume the responsibility of keeping track of it.

What kind of security will be there to protect my property?

  • Saint Louis University Campus Security will be present. There will be other security measures in place that cannot be disclosed, since doing so would reduce their efficacy. We will have an equipment check system in place, but whenever possible we ask that you try to watch your own stuff (or designate a friend to do so).

What will we do for food?

Food arrangements vary from event to event. We usually have a small store where we still basics (soda, water, energy drinks, snacks, etc) with the proceeds going towards our event’s charties. Additionally, we normally provide pizza for lunch and/or dinner. See the event information for the details.

What does the price of admission cover?

  • The equipment listed above
  • Tournament Entry. Technically this includes all tournaments but the possibility of entering more than one will hinge entirely on schedule. You cannot participate in two tournaments that run concurrently.
  • Automatic entry into drawings for door prizes
  • Access to sponsor exclusives and booths
  • The best PC gaming experience in Saint Louis!

Will there be onsite tech support?

Network or power issues are considered our responsibility and will be troubleshot by the staff. If you have a problem with your PC, the staff will attempt to help as time/responsibilities allow, but please be aware that we generally cannot be held responsible for the state of your machine. You do have the option to ask friends and neighbors though! Take a look at our PC Ready Checklist for ideas on how to prep your PC for a LAN.

How will the tournaments work?

Each tournament has its own specific rules and these rules will be laid out in great detail in the forums in a specialized section. Along with this information you’ll find links to the tournament-specific discussions on Reddit.

What will the prizes be? How will the prizes be funded?

We will have door prizes that will be raffled off to attendees, in addition to any prizes available for tournament winners. These prizes are generously supplied by LANFest’s sponsors.

How long will the tournaments last?

Headlining tournaments generally last for the entire length of the event, unless otherwise noted. Smaller tournaments may not take as long, and when they’re done the tournament players are free to continue enjoying the LAN as a casual gamer would. Flash Tournaments generally last much less than 30 minutes and are announced on very short notice during the event. Flash Tournaments are designed to mix up the casual experience and can take place at any time during the event.

Can I sign up for multiple tournaments that are scheduled for the same time?

We often get requests from gamers to allow them to enter more than one tournament at that are scheduled for the same time. Although this is something we try to accommodate, for the most part we avoid delaying tournament rounds for the sake of other tournaments.

This means that you should look at our schedule and see which tournaments are going on at the same time, because you are going to need to pick one.

That said, we do try to stagger the tournament schedule so that people who are eliminated in the first rounds from tournaments that start earlier could possibly get into the later tournaments without creating a conflict.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our scheduling and provide people with as many opportunities to compete as we can, so send any suggestions you have our way!

What About Game X?

We can’t officially support every PC game (unless our staff gets a lot bigger), but that doesn’t mean you can’t play your favorite game at Laclede’s LAN. Our staff will always do what we can to set up servers in games that support it, and help you find other people to play the games you like. It helps if you let us know before the event, but even if you don’t, we will try to help you find a group! And if you really like your favorite game, find out more about our Game Ambassador program, and how you can spearhead a full-fledged tournament or structured play.

What are the rules on files sharing?

File sharing will be given low network priority to preserve the gaming experience and is not officially supported. Laclede’s LAN staff members will not attempt to troubleshoot issues with file sharing. There is no restriction on using “Sneakernet” but keep in mind that you assume all responsibility for the content you share. Please be sure to read our waiver.

Is there anything else I should/shouldn’t do?

We’re pretty laid back, and most of our attendees usually are as well, so the classic “Don’t be a jerk” guideline is usually all we need. That said, please remember:

  • Remember that we are in a public space. Any content that is not appropriate for the general 16-and-up crowd is probably not appropriate here either. If it’s NSFW, we don’t want to see it, and if we do, we’re going to ask you to put it away or take it down. There’s a time for everything.
  • Use good etiquette and common sense. Try not to disturb people who are competing, stay within your personal table space, and respect others’ wishes when possible.
  • Gamers get excited during games, especially competition, and we realize that. However, try to keep language reasonably PG-13 and at a reasonable volume.
  • Tournaments have rules for a very good reason and anyone found violating them, intentionally or not, will be immediately dropped from the tournament and may be asked to leave.
  • Although we will do our best to resolve issues peacefully, this is our event and we do reserve the right to ask you to leave at ANY time for ANY reason. If you do not leave when asked we will contact security. We have never done this in over fourteen events, and we really don’t want to, so please do not force us to do so.

Is there an age limit on attendees?

16 and older. If your grandma has a mean PC and killer micro, bring her along!

Can I bring alcohol, tobacco or firearms?

We’ve got our eye on you! Tobacco products can be used outside in designated smoking areas (this does include vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and anything else we deem fragrant). Firearms are strictly prohibited on the campus. Alcohol is also not allowed. Real gamers drink caffeine anyway.

Can I bring food/drink?

Yes, but please be very careful and considerate around people’s equipment (and yours!); although you can eat anywhere, the Break Room is perfect for eating if you have something particularly sloppy. (Try not to make a mess!)