The Staff

Much of LL’s staff is currently employed in IT, but for most of us, it started with a love of PC gaming. Breaking our computers (or the family computer) and having to fix them when we were young started us on the path to a lifelong interest. Of all the ways people can socialize, LAN parties might just be our favorite. These are some of the people that make up Laclede’s LAN’s core team.

All Laclede’s LAN staff members are unpaid volunteers.

JamesAn original LL founder, James focuses on overseeing logistics, ranging from event-technicalities to broader organizational goals. A software developer by trade James invests a lot of his free time into playing with the latest software stacks and dev ops tools. While his video-game tastes are in a state of constant flux arena FPSes and tower defense titles consistently grab his attention. Some current favorites include Automate Empire, Dead Ground, DUSK, Quake Champions, and Unreal Tournament 4. His other interests can be summed up as anything outdoors - particularly bicycling.

NateNate is our local graphic design, web design, and video expert. Nate has worked with online media since 2006 including a stint with a local rock radio station, Nate joined the Laclede’s LAN staff in 2006 with our LL9 event. Since then Nate has stepped up his role with Laclede’s LAN to become a core member. Nate enjoys photography, music, working out, programming, technology and gaming. Currently, his favorite game is Civilization 5.

TonyTony is currently attending University of Missouri - St. Louis pursuing a degree in Information Systems. His main job for the LL staff is writing and brainstorming, although his duties tend to expand during events. He plays Dota 2 and Hearthstone, and is currently looking into virtual reality as his next hobby.

PatrickPatrick is a principal engineer and partner with Ocelot Consulting. He spends his days making Saint Louis enterprise IT more awesome and his nights helping to raise a toddler and playing games in his few minutes of free time. Currently he’s a fairly casual gamer and plays games like Overwatch, Rocket League, various board games, Warhammer 40k, and any RPG he can get his hands on.

TimBy day, Tim works as the IT Manager for a global marketing firm. By night, he sleeps.

During his formative years he was forced to choose between his 2 great passions, computers and stage performance, as to which would become his ultimate career.
After consulting with an old gypsy woman, who in turn consulted her small bag of chicken bones, it was clear that the money was in computers.

Tim is a founding member of LL, but no one is quite sure what he does exactly. Some say he sets up small tournaments for fun. Some say he works on sponsorships and marketing. Some say he is the DJ of LL. No one says he’s not amazing.

Outside of computers, Tim also enjoys brewing and consuming beer, distilling and drinking fine whiskies, sport shooting, archery, grilling and smoking delicious meats, book reading and traveling. Inside of computers, it’s too dark to do any of those things.

AdamAdam grew up in St. Louis and has always had strong ties to the gaming community, resulting in many of his continuing friendships since 2002.When he began attending local LAN parties, he quickly connected with the Laclede’s LAN staff and they’ve had a great relationship since! He is driven to ensure that Laclede’s LAN continues to host LAN parties in St. Louis and make them as fun and enjoyable as possible for the gaming community. Adam owes many of his best friendships to Laclede’s LAN, and wants to pay that forward for years to come.

He presently works in financial services as a Compliance Officer who develops and maintains procedures that uphold the regulations of the industry. The games that he has recently enjoyed playing include TF2, Dishonored, Deus Ex:HR, and Dirt 3. Additionally, in the true LAN spirit, he’ll enjoy just about anything if a group of friends is playing together! He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and enjoying good food and drink with good company. Cheers!

JustinJustin “BEan” is a server admin of Laclede’s LAN. He is a graduate of Ranken Technical College’s Information systems program and has a Southwestern Illinois College computer user support degree. Also, BEan has certifications for Microsoft Windows, CompTIA A+, and is a certified Dell desktop/laptop technician. As the game server guy, BEan is responsible for setup and administration of the game servers for LL events. Between LL2 and LL13 BEan was known for having a great attitude, sense of humor, and outrageous hardware mods. Outside of LAN parties, BEan has had experience organizing and moderating online gaming communities with their own online servers in TF2, Counter-Strike, and Minecraft.

“When I get my hands on a piece of tech, I want to understand how the thing works and what it’s capable of. I want to understand the philosophy of the design of the thing. If I understand all that, then I get to have fun getting that thing to do what I want.”

NickNick is Tier II Technical Support at Wisper ISP who gets to get out his endless amounts of energy by running around helping out Tier I support guys as needed and fixing stuff he may or may not have had a hand in breaking. (He swears it was to makes things awesomer.) He is also told that caffeine is not an acceptable substitute for sleep by the medical field, but is determined to prove them wrong. He enjoys reading and has a tendency to book-binge in between his Netflix binges. He enjoys playing RTS and Zelda (Link to the Past FTW), but others enjoy watching him play scary games and he is jumpier than a butcher carrying meat in a bear infested forest.

BrianBrian is a SLU graduate of their flight science program. He currently employs his knowledge of aviation as an analyst ensuring Aeronautical Information Publications remain current in the ever expanding age of aerospace. While aviation is his primary passion, his leisure time is also split between computers, cycling, photography, video games, and other electronic hobbies. One of his favorite genres of video games, unsurprisingly, are flight sims, like DCS and Star Citizen, which is currently in development. He also builds and flies UAV quadcopters and other aerial and model vehicles. Brian also introduces his enjoyment of photography into nearly all aspects of his life. This allows him to build lasing memories while increasing his skill as a photographer both on the ground and in the air.

BrandonBrandon is currently employed by UPS as a technician inside their Technology Support Group department. Outside of work Brandon spends a good deal of time keeping up with the latest and greatest as far as consumer PC technology goes. An enthusiast at heart, Brandon is always looking forward to the next big thing and anything that could revolutionize technology. He looks forward to better educating himself in all things IT and expanding his scope of work as he prides himself on being self taught. In his younger days, Brandon was an avid participant in the online eSports community playing mostly first-person shooters (FPS) such as Rainbow Six, Rouge Spear, Counter-Strike 1.5 and 1.6, Quake, and Unreal Tournament 2004. Mostly seen around the Online Gaming League, Digital Gaming League, and Cyberathelete Amateur League. Very familiar with ladder play that was common back in the online league days. Now just looking to relax now and share the joy of competitive gaming while introducing it to a newer generation.

KevinKevin is the Staff WildCard™, power guy, designated tank, and wrangler of power cords. He got his formal education at Ranken Technical College, and bounced around St. Louis in various factories before joining the US Army. He served as a Satellite communications operations and maintenance without somehow setting a multi-million dollar terminal on fire. He mostly plays simulation games, with a few flight sims for variety and older shooters as well.

AndyAndy is our resident trained circus bear. He’s not actually a human. Alternativly he didn’t want to write a bio so we wrote one for him. Andy’s pretty good at Rocket League and plays a variety of games in general. In addition to working in IT support at True Fitness, he is also one of the guys that keeps the network running at LL events.

AymanAyman makes his living as a Buyer. Outside of work he spends time learning about his new passion for the world of Social Media Management and Digital Marketing. He has a huge addition to Dota 2 with almost 3000 played hours. His dream is to one day form and coach a Dota 2 Team and be involved in the e-sport scene.