General Brand Guidelines

These guidelines outline the general rules when using the Laclede’s LAN branding assets. The goal is to provide consistancy when promoting Laclede’s LAN and to facilitate in a design that is more easily recognizable. By downloading and using the assets you are agreeing to the conditions below:


  • Maintain the shape and proportion of each of the Laclede’s LAN Logo’s
  • Use one of the approved hexidecimal or CMYK colors
  • Use the appropriate font for related text when applicable
  • Provide enough spacing around the logo to help with legibility.


  • Alter the color, shape or content of the logo
  • Represent the Laclede’s LAN brand in a way that that is illegal or associated with any pornographic content.
  • Use the Laclede’s LAN branding to suggest associations or partnerships with Laclede’s LAN unless a firm agreement has been made with the Laclede’s LAN staff.

Brand Assets

Font: The official font used for Laclede’s LAN is League Gothic. The font is a free font and can be downloaded here.

Approved Colors:

  • Blue: Hexdecimal - 428BCA. CMYK - C:73% M: 37% Y:0% K: 0%
  • White: Hexdecimal - FFFFFF. CMYK - C:0% M: 0% Y:0% K: 0%