Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ below? Contact us and we’ll answer your question as fast as we can!

Our Events

What should I expect? What do I need to bring? How should I prepare my gaming computer?

Check out our LAN Party survival guide for all of this and more.

Is there an age limit on attendees?

We’re pretty flexible with all ages as long as you follow our etiquette guide. If your grandma has a mean PC and deadly mouse aim, bring her along!

Please review the etiquette guide here for information on what conduct we expect from our attendees.

Can I come as a spectator? Does it cost to be a spectator?

Laclede’s LAN events are free for spectators but slots may be limited based upon demand. Everyone entering the LAN area is required to sign a waiver, so if the spectator is under 18 they must bring a signed waiver from a parent or legal guardian. Just show up at the check-in desk and we’ll take care of you.

Is my stuff going to be safe if I leave it unattended?

While we are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items, we do our best to keep track of everyone’s equipment and make sure it doesn’t leave with anyone other than its original owner. We have an equipment check process in place at our events, but whenever possible we ask that you try to watch your own stuff (or designate a friend to do so). You should always make sure you don’t leave loose items lying around unattended, such as handhelds, cell phones, and wallets.

In addition to our equipment check process, we make special arrangements with venue security and have other security measures in place that cannot be disclosed (since doing so could reduce their efficacy). If you have any special security concerns please contact us.

What will the door prizes be? How will the prizes be funded?

All paid attendees are eligible for sponsor-provided door prizes via raffles. The time(s) of these raffle(s) will be listed in the event schedule. All raffled prizes are independent of any tournament prizes.

Can we sleep overnight?

Paid attendees, approved exhibitors/streamers, and event sponsors are welcome to sleep in the venue overnight. You may bring any sleeping bag, blankets, or portable mattress you would like as long as you follow these guidelines:

Can I bring food/drink? Can I bring a cooler?

Yes for food and drink, but please be careful and considerate around people’s equipment (and yours!). Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

No on coolers; they are not allowed.

Can I bring alcohol, tobacco, or firearms?

We’ve got our eye on you! Tobacco products can be used outside in designated smoking areas (this does include vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and anything else we deem fragrant). Alcohol and firearms are prohibited by the venue and this rule is strictly enforced by their security. (Gamers prefer caffeine anyway.)

Will there be onsite tech support?

Network or power issues are considered our responsibility and will be troubleshot by the staff. If you have a problem with your PC, the staff can attempt to help as time/responsibilities allow, but please be aware that we generally cannot be held responsible for the state of your machine. You do have the option to ask friends and neighbors as well!

File sharing will be given low network priority to preserve the gaming experience and is not officially supported. Laclede’s LAN staff members will not attempt to troubleshoot issues with file sharing. There is no restriction on using “Sneakernet” but keep in mind that you assume all responsibility for the content you share. Please be sure to read our waiver.

What kind of chairs are provided? Can I bring my own chair?

The chairs provided by the venue are standard stacking chairs with a metal frame and foam cushions wrapped in fabric; similar to the one seen here. You’re allowed to bring your own desk/gaming chair, but no couches please…

The Games

What games are played?

Technically, whatever you want! To keep things somewhat structured we provide a specific set of dedicated servers as “recommended games”, schedule time in specific games for casual play, and will even start flash tournaments at unannounced/random times throughout the day (we do choose times that are least disruptive to other events and tournaments) in efforts to get a lot of people into one game at the same time. Every LAN will also host structured, competitive tournaments. The recommended games and tournaments change every event but we will always make sure they get listed with event details.

What if my favorite game isn’t on the list?

One of the great things about LAN parties is being able to play whatever you want, however you want! Just because there isn’t a staff-provided server or tournament doesn’t mean you can’t play your favorite game with others.

We do try to gather feedback at each event on what games people are playing and incorporate that into future events, but since we can’t see everything the most effective way to get your favorite game into our rotation is to ask on our Discord.

If you want to start playing Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball just fire it up and start playing! If you’d like to get others to join in you can simply walk around and drum up interest, post about it in our Discord, or ask the staff to help you promote it.

What about Playstation and Xbox gaming?

While our events are currently structured as a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) this doesn’t mean we are purposely ignoring consoles like the Playstation and Xbox. Unfortunately, these systems are not designed for network-multitenancy or multihoming which makes it practically impossible to attach multiple consoles to our LAN and get full Internet services using our venue’s Internet infrastructure. During the planning and workshop phase of every event we reevaluate these conditions and restrictions; once we are confident we can include console systems while providing a high-quality experience we plan to do so!

The Tournaments

How do the tournaments work?

Each tournament has its own specific rules that will be laid out in great detail alongside the event information. Every tournament will have the rules cross-posted to tournament-specific discussions on Reddit.

Can I sign up for multiple tournaments? Can I compete in all of the tournaments?

We often get requests from gamers to allow them to enter more than one tournament at that are scheduled for the same time-frame. In general we don’t allow multiple entries to avoid delaying tournament rounds for the sake of other tournaments.

This means that you should look at our schedule and see which tournaments are going on at the same time, because you are going to need to pick one.

That said, we do try to stagger the tournament schedule so that people who are eliminated in the first rounds from tournaments that start earlier could possibly get into the later tournaments without creating a conflict.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our scheduling and provide people with as many opportunities to compete as we can, so send any suggestions you have our way!

Can I join a tournament without a full team? Can I sign up as a free agent?

We do our attempt to put together teams at the event but we strongly recommend that you build as much of a team as you can before coming. If a tournament is for teams of five, there’s a big difference between a four person team that’s looking for one person, and a single free agent looking for four. That said, even if you do show up alone we will try to find you a team as best we can.

Why is there no tournament in {YOUR FAVORITE GAME HERE}?

We can’t officially support every PC game (unless our staff gets a lot bigger), but that doesn’t mean you can’t play your favorite game at Laclede’s LAN. Our staff will always do what we can to set up servers in games that support it, and help you find other people to play the games you like. It helps if you let us know before the event, but even if you don’t, we will try to help you find a group! We can even set up a tournament bracket if you get enough people. Just let us know!

Can I host my own tournament?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s not uncommon for LL attendees to host ad-hoc tournaments in games like Super Smash Brothers! Because we aren’t in charge of these tournaments, we don’t make announcements on our website or in official emails about them. We DO, however, help you promote them during the event and will make announcements that your tournament is going on. You’re also more than welcome to talk about your tournament in our Discord, Facebook, subreddit, or any of our official pages on the Web.

What happens if there’s a technical issue that causes a tournament to be delayed / canceled?

In the event of a technical issue, such as a power brownout or internet outage, our tournament staff will ask the players to report the outage to tournament staff. After the tournament staff is notified an attempt will be made to restart the last round and the score will be reset (if needed) to whatever it was at the beginning of that round. If this is not feasible due to the nature of the game or game server, staff and players will agree on a fair compromise and the tournament will continue. If the tournament is unable to continue due to technical issues, the tournament staff will determine the winner by another metric (such as win-loss record).

What are the tournament prizes?

Every event is different, and prizes may change depending on what kind of sponsorship opportunities we’re able to secure for that event. We’re always looking to improve tournament prizes and usually have some kind of trophy for the first place winners. Check our site for the latest information.

The Organization

Where did the name “Laclede’s LAN” come from?

When we started putting together Laclede’s LAN, we wanted to establish ourselves as fundamentally different in terms of the way we viewed ourselves and the community. We didn’t want to present ourselves as hardcore or extreme — we just liked having fun and thought the site should reflect that. At the time, every LAN website was black, army green, or gunmetal grey, so we chose a lighter color scheme with light blues and understated greys.

Laclede’s Landing is a spot in downtown Saint Louis that honors the French fur trader Pierre Laclede, who started something simple that grew beyond anything he could have imagined — a trading post that turned into the biggest city in Missouri. So “Laclede’s LAN” is sort of a mission statement rolled into a play on words. We have high hopes for LL, but we won’t ever take it so seriously that we can’t have a bit of fun.

How do the finances work?

EI.BO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on STEM education. Laclede’s LAN is the name associated with our gaming community and is a ‘Doing Business As’ or “DBA” of EI.BO, as our computer gaming events raise funds for EI.BO. Most importantly, none of the EI.BO board, Laclede’s LAN staff, or any event volunteers are paid. We are all volunteers and enjoy connecting our community to support our cause.

We have hosted public LANs under the “Laclede’s LAN” banner since 2004, long before the charity was established, so this is how our gaming community is tied to the non-profit organization. The ticket price of a LAN party covers our event costs, many which are reduced due to partnerships we have with Saint Louis University and other local businesses. We have relationships with sponsors that help make our events great and keep our costs low. The remaining funds come to EI.BO, and are disbursed in the Midwest community with the goal of improving access to programming education. Distribution of funds requires board approval and we are always looking for promising opportunities for consideration.

To see how EI.BO has impacted the St. Louis area, head to

What is LANFest? Where does it fit in with Laclede’s LAN?

LANFest is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the state of Washington that has become a national platform for helping LAN parties grow, primarily LAN organizations with a charitable impact. LANFest is dedicated to empowering gaming communities and supporting charitable efforts by enabling unique gaming experiences. Their values align with Laclede’s LAN’s in that we both understand how powerfully positive LAN parties can be in the friendships and connections they create, and how they can help good people put dollars to work in their communities. Operationally, LANFest ships equipment to LAN parties that need it, and helps large sponsors connect with smaller regional LAN organizations throughout the US. LANFest provides Laclede’s LAN with this type of sponsor support, as well as a registration platform and an expanded online presence. Check out for other LANFest chapters hosting events!

How can my company sponsor/partner with, or exhibit at, Laclede’s LAN?

As a non-profit organization, EI.BO is always looking to raise funds that can be put toward community efforts to increase programming opportunities for the underserved in the Midwest. We’re also a great group of people who love to connect with fellow gamers and tech enthusiasts. If your business would like to get connected with our community, and/or support STEM education, please reach out to us via the contact us page and we can discuss mutually beneficial opportunities. Whether you’re looking to recruit tech-focused young professionals, promote your services or products to our attendees/community, or simply get involved in any capacity, we love to build valuable connections!

LAN Parties

What is a LAN Party?

In the most literal sense, a LAN party is a gathering of PC or console gamers for the purpose of playing multiplayer games. In the case of PCs, a Local Area Network is set up to facilitate the data traffic, and then everyone plays PC games all day long. It’s probably the most fun you can have as a PC gamer!

In our opinion, though, LAN parties have never just been about games. We go to LAN parties to hang out with people that share our interests and are just plain fun to hang out with. The Laclede’s LAN staff consists almost entirely of friends who met at LAN parties, and we want to give others the chance to make new friends as well! That’s why we try to offer more than just tables and cables – we really do try to give the event more of a party atmosphere, playing music and offering console games on the side to encourage our casual crowd to feel welcome and comfortable.

Why a LAN Party; why not just play online?

There’s a few main categories of people at a LAN, and you could fit into any or all of them at the same time: