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LL4 - 11.20.2004

Laclede’s LAN 4 was our first major battle against an unwelcome new enemy – Valve’s new digital distribution platform, Steam. Steam required an internet connection to update, and Valve released an update for Counter-Strike the night before our event that made older versions incompatible. Committed to making our tournament happen, Dudsmack took a 56K PCI modem and systematically got every tournament entrant updated via a dial-up connection he owned. The release of Half-Life 2 was huge, but at the time, Steam was a nasty price to pay for it. We also had a tournament in Unreal Tournament 2004, which went much more smoothly.

Attendees: 25 + 4 staff
Tournaments: Counter-Strike, Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2004

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