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LL7 - 06.11.2005

Laclede’s LAN 7 is where things really started happening. We more than doubled our attendance to 72 gamers, we added Havicaz and his famous posing abilities to the staff, and generally ramped up our LAN experience into what we had always wanted it to be: the best in Saint Louis. The Dickie Burgers, the Console Corner, Tim’s Pink Lemonade and other LL staples were all part of the action, but we continued to add features we thought our community would enjoy, like a large projection screen broadcasting the tournaments on a delay and the Counter-Strike Ice Cream Cake (a subject of much controversy and sardonicism).

Attendees: 72 + 7 staff
Games Spotted: Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament 2004
Tournaments: Counter-Strike 1.6

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