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LL8 - 08.13.2005

Laclede’s LAN 8 brought 81 gamers together to once again stab, shoot, and obliterate each other in the name of camaraderie and community. Although we saw our efforts as the least you could do to throw a good event, LL was nevertheless starting to cultivate a fanbase among its most loyal members – EmoScreamo showed up to Sargentwolf’s registration area wearing a Laclede’s LAN T-shirt that he had made himself.

Sending BraveSirRobbin up into the atmosphere with nothing but a helicopter and a will to survive, we pioneered a new idea we’d come up with – Flash Tournaments. With deadly calm, we informed the entire Battlefield 2 server that BSR was flying around in a helicopter, and the first soldier to murder our loyal staff member by any means necessary would get the prize.

Also of note at this LAN is the fact that a summer storm raged all around us as the LAN went on, cutting power to almost every neighborhood around us. Whether by fate or sheer dumb luck, our gaming somehow stayed uninterrupted late into the night.

Attendees: 81 + 7 staff
Games Spotted: World of Warcraft. We opened up Internet traffic, and this is what you did with it. At a LAN party. ಠ_ಠ
Tournaments: Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Counter-Strike: Source

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