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LL11 - 08.04-05.2006

Laclede’s LAN 11 really started to drive home just how valuable Laclede’s LAN was to our community – we were amazed to find out that we had drawn gamers from California, Vermont, and Nova Scotia, Canada. We introduced a Laclede’s LAN General Store, run by staff member PurpleMint, that allowed us to offer a wider variety of sugared snacks and caffeinated soda and coffee to drowsy gamers. This was a welcome service, since this was our first and only two-day event – a grueling gauntlet of Counter-Strike competition. Saturday was 1.6, and Sunday was devoted to Source. On an extra-nerdy note, this was the first LAN to feature a real server rack behind the staff table, adding an extra note of legitimacy to our increasingly professional setup.

Attendees: 247 + 9 staff
Tournaments: Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source

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