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LL13 - “Lucky 13” - 03.29.2008

Laclede’s LAN was our last event before our hiatus, and it was our first LAN to use Dudsmack and sYfte’s new software, “Dispatch”. Dispatch allowed a much deeper level of game server automation and less work for our tournament staff than was previously possible.

“I got into LL because of my passion for video games. Not just for the simple act of playing the games themselves, but for the interactions that they allowed and provided. Everyone who attended an LL event was a part of the video game culture. There are those moments in a video game that make you go ‘WOW. What I just did/saw there was amazing!’ And you remember those moments as fondly and vividly as any other memory. What makes playing video games so fantastic is that they allow you to immediately connect with someone who you’ve never met before and reflect on your shared experiences and memories of a certain game. Games connect us to each other. And Laclede’s LAN served as our real-world hub where gamers from all over the country could come together and delight in reliving those shared memories, while at the same time providing an avenue where we could make new ones together.” Most-Killed-in-Flash-Tournaments-Staff-Member, BraveSirRobbin

Attendees: 148 + 11 staff
Tournaments: Counter-Strike: Source, Starcraft

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