Fall 2016 Charity LAN October 29 - 30, 2016

This was our second event in the Busch Student Center Wool Ballroom; we mixed up the seating quite a bit as we were still feeling out the space. We also mixed it up by hosting a Smash Bros for WiiU tournament! BlackMagix brought his HTC Vive and sectioned off a nice big 15x15 foot chunk of the LAN for people to give it a whirl. We also set up a League of Legends 2016 Championship viewing area / party. This event was our first to include Twitch streaming content and OBS overlays to our three-projector system!

Tournament Results

Tournament Participants 1st Place 2nd Place Bracket Link
CS:GO 5v5: Double-Elim, Best of 3 8 teams team sofa king awesome Ady and the Baddies Results
DOTA2 5v5: Double-Elim 5 teams Team Boo Harambe’s Avengers Results
Hearthstone: Doulbe-Elim 8 players brandonjesus^v^ Zurri Results
Minecraft: Creative Contest n/a huckleb, huttly, scallop the cat n/a
Overwatch n/a Most Extreme Elimination Challenge n/a
Rocket League: 2v2, Double-Elim 11 teams Garbage Men The Forerunners Results
Starcraft 2: 1v1, Double-Elim 6 players DayMan SirExcise Results
Super Smash Brothers 4: Round Robin 12 players GenMuH GH Tiger Boi

At A Glance

Attendance: 145 gamers, 7 Sponsors, 9 volunteers, and 19 staff
Charities Benefited: St. Louis ByteWorks, Child’s Play,
Event Staff: Justin Benedick, Kevin Berges, Patrick Byrne, Nate Cowen, TonyDiPietri, Tim Dollarhide, James Dudley, Adam Kruger, Nick Sarakas, Andy Tevlin, Brian Wiese
Event Volunteers: Chris Chandler, Dave Clark, Kyle Coleman, Marie Cowen, Ryan Henning, Ayman Khuleif, Chris Milan, Melanie Molina, Brandon Ortiz, Andrew Shehata, Sara Shehata, Dennis Thomas, Joe Wood

Some photos from Fall 2016 Charity LAN

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