Fall 2016 Charity LAN October 29 - 30, 2016

This was our second event in the Busch Student Center Wool Ballroom; we mixed up the seating quite a bit as we were still feeling out the space. We also mixed it up by hosting a Smash Bros for WiiU tournament! BlackMagix brought his HTC Vive and sectioned off a nice big 15x15 foot chunk of the LAN for people to give it a whirl. We also set up a League of Legends 2016 Championship viewing area / party. This event was our first to include Twitch streaming content and OBS overlays to our three-projector system!

Tournament Results

TournamentParticipants1st Place2nd PlaceBracket Link
CS:GO 5v5: Double-Elim, Best of 38 teamsteam sofa king awesomeAdy and the BaddiesResults
DOTA2 5v5: Double-Elim5 teamsTeam BooHarambe’s AvengersResults
Hearthstone: Doulbe-Elim8 playersbrandonjesus^v^ZurriResults
Minecraft: Creative Contestn/ahuckleb, huttly, scallop the catn/a
Overwatchn/aMost Extreme Elimination Challengen/a
Rocket League: 2v2, Double-Elim11 teamsGarbage MenThe ForerunnersResults
Starcraft 2: 1v1, Double-Elim6 playersDayManSirExciseResults
Super Smash Brothers 4: Round Robin12 playersGenMuHGHTiger Boi

At A Glance

Attendance: 145 gamers, 7 Sponsors, 9 volunteers, and 19 staff
Staff: Justin Benedick, Kevin Berges, Patrick Byrne, Nate Cowen, TonyDiPietri, Tim Dollarhide, James Dudley, Adam Kruger, Nick Sarakas, Andy Tevlin, Brian Wiese
Volunteers: Chris Chandler, Dave Clark, Kyle Coleman, Marie Cowen, Ryan Henning, Ayman Khuleif, Chris Milan, Melanie Molina, Brandon Ortiz, Andrew Shehata, Sara Shehata, Dennis Thomas, Joe Wood
Charities Supported: St. Louis ByteWorks, Child’s Play

Some photos from our Fall 2016 Charity LAN

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