Fall 2019 Charity LAN October 12 - 13, 2019

Another successful LAN under the belt, and another visit from Microsoft with a great VR area featuring Beat Saber! They also brought a plethora of gaming laptops and X-Box One’s for gamers to play and compete with one another on and did open-to-the-public tournaments in Gears of War 5 and Fortnite Duos. Loddy tried out Loddy Lounge (which only ended up being slightly less than 95% Team Fortress 2); Andy set up a casual game schedule with all kinds of titles and helped fill the servers and get people gamin’. A huge thank you to everyone who helped volunteer to setup and tear down at this event. Special thanks to Madrina’s and the Microsoft Store for being great local partners. Also-special thanks to LANFest and all of our national sponsors.

Tournament Results

TournamentParticipants1st Place2nd PlaceBracket Link
CS:GO 5v5: Double-Elim, Best of 35 teamsYou’re doing a great jobAdy and the BaddiesResults
DOTA2 5v5: Round Robin3 teamsRIFKButt Club 2.0Results
Hearthstone: Round Robin5 playersPoggeGertResults
League of Legends: Double-Elim4 teamsLagnarokSLUxPNHResults
Overwatch: Double-Elim5 teamsResidentFeedersiz meResults
Rocket League: 2v2: Double-Elim, BO35 teamsTickle Me TrioWe Dem BearzResults
Rocket League: 3v3: Double-Elim, BO33 teamsDPOMan RocketsResults

Flash Tournament Results

Wand WarsJyckle
Paddle vs. PaddleSare, OopsIPoops
Gang BeastsCowboy
Final: BattleshipOopsIPoops

At A Glance

Attendance: 170 BYOPC gamers, 16 Spectators, 11 event volunteers, 15 event staff
Staff: Justin Benedick, Kevin Berges, Patrick Byrne, Chris, Chandler, Nathan Cowen, Tony DiPietri, Tim Dollarhide, James Dudley, Adam Kruger, Melanie Molina, Nick Sarakas, Mike Scalera, Jason Spencer, Pat Spencer, Andy Tevlin
Volunteers: Matthew Burchett, Jordan Compton, Marie Cowen, Ryan Henning, Stephanie Herbers, Aubrey Mann, Chris Milan, Jason Murley, Brandon Ortiz, Nick Pierson, Maddy Spencer, Zach Waske, Chris Zammit
Charity Supported: EI-BO
Streamers: B1ackMagix, crosby_films

Some photos from our Fall 2019 Charity LAN

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