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Hurricane Katrina Relief Charity LAN

October 29, 2005

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, we wanted to show support by mobilizing the community we had helped to build. We did what we do best – play games! In doing so, we were able to raise $2,180 with the help of Ranken Technical College and Best Buy. Since this was a side project of sorts, we experimented with other attractions, like Domino’s pizza (courtesy of Ranken Technical College), Halloween costumes and game-themed jack o’ lanterns, and an Airsoft shooting gallery in a separate room. ...

Laclede's LAN at GameRIOT

July 1, 2005

Many chapters of the larger Laclede’s LAN story took place at events other than ours. Had we been thinking about it more, we might have referred to these road trips and random party crashing as “active outreach”, but the truth is we just loved hanging out with gamers of all stripes and did it whenever we had the chance. Our philosophy was clear, though; when you’re trying to grow, nurture, and serve a community, you can never make too many friends. ...

Laclede's LAN 7

June 11, 2005

Laclede’s LAN 7 is where things really started happening. We more than doubled our attendance to 72 gamers, we added Havicaz and his famous posing abilities to the staff, and generally ramped up our LAN experience into what we had always wanted it to be: the best in Saint Louis. The Dickie Burgers, the Console Corner, Tim’s Pink Lemonade and other LL staples were all part of the action, but we continued to add features we thought our community would enjoy, like a large projection screen broadcasting the tournaments on a delay and the Counter-Strike Ice Cream Cake (a subject of much controversy and sardonicism). ...

Laclede's LAN 4

November 20, 2004

Laclede’s LAN 4 was our first major battle against an unwelcome new enemy – Valve’s new digital distribution platform, Steam. Steam required an internet connection to update, and Valve released an update for Counter-Strike the night before our event that made older versions incompatible. Committed to making our tournament happen, Dudsmack took a 56K PCI modem and systematically got every tournament entrant updated via a dial-up connection he owned. The release of Half-Life 2 was huge, but at the time, Steam was a nasty price to pay for it. ...