LAN Party Etiquette

Everyone comes to Laclede's LAN to have a good time, and our goal is to help everyone do just that! The tips below will be common sense for a lot of people, but it never hurts to go over the basics of how to be a good neighbor at our events.
  1. Be familiar with the event rules and ask about anything that seems unclear. They exist to help everyone have a great LAN experience and will be posted along with the event information.

  2. Cleanliness- this really should go without saying, but please, please shower before the event and use a good strong deodorant. Keep in mind that beyond a certain point, deodorant or body spray only adds a smell and does not address the problem.

  3. Be careful when setting up your table space. Don’t just cram your case or monitor as far back as it can go. Consider keeping your desktop under the table and to your side. Coordinate with the people at your sides and across the table to prevent problems like blocking case fans and intruding on other’s mouse pad space. A few minutes of effort to optimize your setup goes a long way!

  4. Be careful when plugging in network cables and power cords, to avoid disconnecting anyone.

  5. Follow power guidelines. The staff spends a lot of time on power planning to prevent problems - listen to guidelines for connecting your gear to the power grid. Never alter the power strips or extension cords at your table - find a staff member for assistance instead. Your ticket includes a specific number of electrical outlets; if you use too many you’ll have to unplug something as more people show up. Be respectful to the other gamers who will be sharing the power strip with you. Use the USB ports on your computer to charge your cell phone.

  6. Meet your neighbors. There’s no better icebreaker than helping someone set up and plug in. You’ll be sitting next to them for a couple of days; making a few new friends is the perfect way to set the tone for a great party.

  7. Remember that we are in a public space. Any content that is not appropriate for the general 13+ crowd is probably not appropriate here either. Save offensive desktop wallpapers and screensavers for home. If anyone (staff or attendees) finds your content offensive or too mature, the staff may tell you to put it away or take it down for the benefit of the whole community.

  8. Gamers get excited during games, especially competition, and we realize that. However, try to keep language reasonably PG-rated and at a reasonable volume.

  9. Keep your bags and extra gear out of the aisles. It’s usually dark, and you’re already mesmerized by all the case lights, and you can easily trip someone with a backpack or crate shoved too far in the aisle.

  10. Please support the sponsors that support our events - without them our events wouldn’t be possible! If you buy anything from them or use their service, tell them you noticed their sponsorship of our events. That lets them know they have spent their money wisely, and are more likely to continue supporting us. Most of our sponsors have marketing departments; drop them an email and thank them for their sponsorship!

  11. Keep an eye on each other’s equipment. We all spend big bucks on our stuff and it’s good to know those around you and help watch each other’s stuff.

  12. Flush the toilet, early and often. Remember that someone has the job of cleaning up after you, so avoid clogging the toilets. If you see a problem in the bathroom please tell the staff so it can be addressed. Respect the property of the venue, even the bathrooms, so that we can come back and LAN again!

  13. Be kind to players who are new to a given game or to LANs in general. You, too, were a “newbie” once. Give advice when requested, and be patient.

  14. Be very careful around open beverages. The equipment you destroy may not be your own. Some LAN parties have separate tables for food and drink and insist that you do not keep open cans, bottles or glasses near the computers. We’d like to avoid making this a rule, so help us help you.

  15. Do not cheat. Do not use hacks, cheats or other questionable code, and don’t look at other people’s monitors while playing. Cheating of any type will not be tolerated, and you may be asked to leave if you’re caught.

This guide is inspired by and borrows content from posts by JeepMcMuddy and