LAN Party Survival Guide

Never been to a Laclede's LAN event? Read over this guide so you know what to expect. Use the checklist at the bottom to ensure you don't forget anything!

What to Expect

Check In Process

At check-in the staff is going to verify you’ve paid, that your info is correct, and that you have a waiver. If you haven’t paid and there are spare tickets you can pay right at our registration table (at a slightly higher price). We’ll give you a lanyard and the network credentials you’ll need to use the network.

We’ll badge your equipment with your registration information to help prevent theft.

Set up your Rig

Find your seat based on your seat number. If you don’t know where it is, ask a staff member during the check-in process. You don’t want to accidentally set up in the wrong place and be asked to move later!

Set up your computer. You’ll be given outlets and an ethernet cord to get onto the network. Make sure you use the outlets that have been allotted to you, and don’t take up space that isn’t yours. A few extra minutes to optimize your setup will make things easier during the event.

To get your computer officially added to the network, make sure the ethernet cable is plugged in tight, open a web browser, and visit a random website you never normally visit (to avoid cached content). You’ll be prompted for a username and password - once you get authenticated you’ll be good for the rest of the event as long as there aren’t any technical issues (in which case staff will let you know what you need to do).

If you have issues, ask those around you for help first - it’s a quick way to make a friend! You’re also always welcome to seek out a staff member for help - we try to float around to spot people who need help but we can’t be everywhere or see everything, so you might have to come get us.

During the Event

Check the back of your lanyard for achievements. Complete those, show them to staff, and if you get enough you’ll be entered for extra prize raffles! Announcements will made throughout the event over the microphone and our Discord. Try to pay attention to audio announcements for prize drawings, flash tournaments, technical updates, etc.

If you are participating in a tournament, check the schedule for check-in times and be ready to play by the time the tournament starts. Tournaments generally break for lunch and dinner so you will be able to get food at some point. Tournament questions can be directed to the tournament staff table, and most tournament announcements are either on Discord or announced over the mic. Keep an ear open near tournament start times so you can hear if your team gets called.

Food/drink may be available as part of the event - the event info page will cover that. You may leave and come back for food; but be mindful of those around you. Don’t spill anything – the computer you ruin may be your own. If you are participating in a tournament, don’t leave without talking to the tourney admin.

At the end of each day, the prize raffle will be featured on the main stage. You must be checked in to have your name called. If you win a prize raffle we’ll take your photo with you holding the prize so sponsors know it went to a good home.

If you’re leaving for food/drink or even for the evening, you can leave your big stuff in the room - we check people at the door to make sure larger equipment is theirs. Don’t leave little things laying out (phone, handhelds, wallets, back packs, etc.) - take those with you.


At some point the exterior venue doors will lock; at this time you’ll be able to leave but won’t be able to get back in until the morning. The event information will specify these times.

If you’re staying with us overnight feel free to bring a blanket, pillow, inflatable mattresses to keep yourself comfortable – just make sure to read over the overnight rules from the FAQ.

End of Event / Check Out

We’ll wrap up on the last day of the event with another prize raffle. At this time we’ll provide information about upcoming events. If you can stick around afterwards to help us tear down (move chairs, fold tables, clean up cables) - please do, we’re a small group of volunteers, usually exhausted by the last day, and need all the help we can get! Plus it’s a great way to meet the staff and become more involved.


Once you’ve purchased your ticket