Spring 2017 Charity LAN March 18 - 19, 2017

All night long! This LAN was our first overnight event since our reboot in 2014! Laclede’s LAN featured competitive tournaments, random flash tournaments, casual gaming, a custom PC build contest, an HTC Vive virtual reality demo area, and extra prize giveaways from technology reviewer Nathan Kirsch of Legit Reviews. The event also included Twitch streaming content from both staff/players and live casting from Twitch streamer Sirsif.

Tournament Results

TournamentParticipants1st Place2nd PlaceBracket Link
CS:GO 5v5: Double-Elim, Best of 311 teamsSofa King AwesomeHello Kitty KrusadersResults
DOTA2 5v5: Double-Elim5 teamsThar She BlowsTeam BooResults
Hearthstone: Double-Elim5 playersEchoGaryResults
Minecraft: Creative Contest3 teamsSTArkarian, lionbattery, kyronomixn/a
Overwatch: Single-Elim4 teamsFire at WillRandosResults
Rocket League: 2v2: Double-Elim11 teamsGeTSoME! DubsGBM Blue BinsResults
Rocket League: 3v3: Double-Elim4 teamsThe Garbage MenGeTSoME!!Results

Flash Tournament Results

Tower FallEnzo03
Tricky TowersPaultox
Super Pole RidersKyronomie

At A Glance

Attendance: 145 gamers, 7 Sponsors, 9 event volunteers, and 19 event staff
Staff: Justin Benedick, Kevin Berges, Patrick Byrne, Nate Cowen, Tony DiPietri, Tim Dollarhide, James Dudley, Ryan Henning, Ayman Khuleif, Adam Kruger, Nick Sarakas, Andy Tevlin, Brian Wiese
Volunteers: Chris Chandler, Dave Clark, Kyle Coleman, Marie Cowen, Stephanie Herbers, Sara Kruger, Logan Leavel, Alex McElroy, Chris Milan, Melanie Molina, Brandon Ortiz, Dennis Thomas, Joe Wood
Charities Supported: St. Louis ByteWorks, Child’s Play

Some photos from our Spring 2017 Charity LAN

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