Spring 2022 Charity LAN February 12 - 13, 2022

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, Laclede’s LAN returned with a new room in a new venue, the Saint Louis Science Center!

Although the seat count was dialed down a bit to help us knock the rust off, this event featured many new features, perks, and partners. Saint Louis Science Center's eSports team played some great support, streaming video from the event, providing awesome food from their Cafe, and giving Science Center attendees walking by a glimpse into the world of PC gaming! We’re incredibly grateful to the Science Center for working so closely with us and being so welcoming. Frontline Managed Services had a booth with some clever gaming challenges and invaluable information about getting jobs in the IT industry. LAN parties have been a great asset to the staff in building our tech careers, so thanks go to Frontline for keeping professional tech skills at the forefront of what we promote!

LANFest National stepped up our streaming and video with professional-quality production tech, in addition to making major upgrades to our prize pool. We’ve always been thankful to LANFest for their support, but they kicked it up to 11 for this event and we’re very lucky to have them! Retro representation was strong, with some much older PCs on display running games like SimAnt, Doom, Duke 3D, and Jazz Jackrabbit. If you remember playing those games, you’re probably as old as we are… and Mario Kart 64 continues to be a crowd pleaser, even in 2022 (and even if no one knows how to hold that controller). We tried a few new things with our tournaments, debuting Valorant and throwing together an impromptu Halo Infinite tournament on Sunday, both of which turned out to be a blast!

Thanks go to all of our sponsors and the prizes and booths they provided for attendees, to the Science Center for being amazing partners, to LANFest for their long-standing and invaluable support, and most importantly to all of our attendees for being amazing, supporting our charities, and spreading the word. Laclede’s LAN exists because of you.

See you all next time!

Tournament Results

TournamentTeams1st Place2nd PlaceBracket Link
DOTA2 5v5: Round Robin3 teamsButt Club 2.0Jazzy Mossy Badger Stompers from Denver-
Halo Infinite 2v2: Single-Elim, BO16 teamsCatBoyzMeerBoneResults
League of Legends: Double-Elim4 teamsLagnarokUggggghhhhhhhhhhhResults
Rocket League: 2v2: Double-Elim, BO31 teamglaive’s biggest fansn/a-
Valorant: 5v5: Double-Elim, BO35 teamsTom’s KittensBUDSQUADResults

Flash Tournament Results

Paddle vs Paddlelionbattery
Wand WarsFragDrake
5 Minute JengaFragDrake

At A Glance

Attendance: 109 BYOPC gamers, 21 event staff, 12 event volunteers, and literally hundreds of spectators!
Staff: Justin Benedick, Kevin Berges, Matt Burchett, Patrick Byrne, Chris Chandler, Nate Cowen, Tony DiPietri, Tim Dollarhide, James Dudley, Ryan Henning, Adam Kruger, Melanie Molina, Ari Murley, Jason Murley, Brandon Ortiz, Nick Sarakas, Mike Scalera, Pat Spencer, Andy Tevlin, Zach Waske, Chris Zammit
Volunteers: Amy Cantrall-Frye, Marie Cowen, Michael Frye, Axa Guerra, Colleen Johnson, Bill Kelly, Sara Kruger, Maggie Mitrovich, Chris Schellenbach, Madeline Rousseau, Jacob Smyth, Jason Spencer
Charities Supported: EI-BO, SLSC Esports Learning Camps
Streamers: crosby_films, Aquacheese, LANFest, STLScienceCenter

Some photos from our Spring 2022 Charity LAN

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